Topics inlclude:
Paddling Environment
Rescue Philosiphy
Personal Preparedness
Rescue Priority
Rescue Equipment
Rescue Basics
Self Rescue
River Features
Risk Management
Incident Command Systems
Scene Management
Anchors & Knots
mechanical advantage
River Hazards
low-head Dam Rescue
Pins & Entrapment
Hands on Rescues

Photo: Brandon Jett
Our swiftwater rescue options include courses for paddlers, river professionals and rescue professionals. With varying levels of skill in each discipline we can offer you the rescue course that fits your needs and desires. Click the link above for more information on the rescue classes or contact us today to find out info on your next class! Our classes encompass the latest in rescue techniques some with video training including rescue footage and actual rescues/failures. From the beginning kayaker to the rescue pro if you are going to be around water we have a course for you to make you and everyone around you safer.

Each class will be unique in location, material and length based on the needs of the students. Our courses are generally taught in public recreational areas in or near the Cumberland Plateau Region of TN & KY on one of various potential sites. Were flexible on what we are able to do for you!